New York, New York

So Nice They Named It Twice


Gotham is a unique conglomeration of America. She's home to more than 8 million people - which is more than the total population of more than thirty-five US States - and is home to literally hundreds of uniquely identifiable ethnicities.

What always amazed me was the sense of complete randomness of it all - the Indian restaurant next door to the entrance to the Hearst Tower, the dive bar next door to the $200 a plate place, the thousands of bodegas each with their own little specialties, and the museums (of course).

Where else in the world can you climb on board a Concorde, see a Space Shuttle, and then walk 30 minutes or so to see a Klimt collection? It's straight up surreal.

And the record shops - from the tiny to the specialty - still drain my wallet every time I go.

It happens...