Sasquatch 2013

The Gorge In George, Washington


I'd never done the Sasquatch Music Festival prior to Memorial Day Weekend in 2013. Crazier, I'd never actually done a show at the Gorge before!

Logistically it is kind of a nightmare - located a little more than two hours outside of Seattle (almost halfway to freaking Spokane!), most people opt to camp out in the Valley there on site.

We're not most people, however. Thankfully Reed managed to find us a pretty awesome house on the river about five miles from the venue. Of course this meant that someone had to babysit each night.

Somehow this ended up being me nightly, which is incredibly ironic (and quite possibly just partial karmic retribution for my behavior over the last three decades)...

We will definitely do this festival again - once there's a better lineup. This year we got to catch Sigur Rós, Elvis Costello, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Primus, Dropkick Murphys, The Presets, The Postal Service, Cake, Imagine Dragons, Alt-J (I seriously still don't get how they're so popular now), and a bunch of others...

Commuting back and forth to Melbourne, Australia was a bit much - but it was definitely worth it !